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Nuclear Structure at the HISKP Bonn

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Research Topics

Investigation of nuclear structure, shape coexistence in atomic nuclei, superdeformation, hyperdeformation, high-spin states, magnetic rotation, nuclei far off stability, new shell structure.

Photo EUROBALL Our group has done many experiments using the EUROBALL detector which constisted of 239 Germenium detectors. In mid 2004 it was split after the shutdown of the Vivitron accelerator at Strasbourg and distributed to the labs in Legnaro, Jyväskylä and to GSI.
Photo Gammasphere Also with the US-american pendant to EUROBALL, the GAMMASPHERE array, we have done and are doind experiments. GAMMASPHERE constists of 110 Germanium crystals.
Photo RISING A part of the detectors of the former EUROBALL ist being used at GSI in the RISING project since mid 2004.